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(The information in this training program is strictly for educational and informational purposes.  The information contained within is in no way considered as substitute for medical advice.)

The Whole Health Warrior Academy is an ONLINE HOLISTIC HOME STUDY SCHOOL dedicated to raising individual and global consciousness. Being  home study courses, you may complete them focused on your own schedule and your own pace..

The courses are mostly based on the content of the book entitled, The Whole Health Warrior, by Mike Chaet Ph.D., and the teachings of Gabriel Cousens M.D., Dr. Bernard Jensen and other enlightened holistic teachers and healers. It is fully focused on Whole Person Health.

Students of the Academy quickly learn that permanent and lasting weight loss and radiant health are simply the body adjusting to doing things the “right” way. You will also learn to prevent and possibly even cure many of today’s lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, even certain cancers.

The course work is based on an underlying belief that the spiritual connection between the human entity and the Divine is unbreakable. By embarking on this path, we become our own personal advocates for whole person health and in keeping with the mystical Kabbalistic belief “We receive in order to share”. As a graduate of the professional program, you may integrate this into your practice and will be able to share this information with your family and clients immediately to enhance their growth, development, and health.



CLASS 1: Becoming a Whole Health Warrior

CLASS 2: The Effects of food on the human body, mind, spirit complex

CLASS 3: Conventional and esoteric aspects of anatomy and physiology

CLASS 4: Plant based only nutrition

CLASS 5: Live food nutrition

CLASS 6: Principles of Individualizing One’s Diet

CLASS 7: Spiritual & Health Aspects of Fasting & Cleansing

CLASS 8: Practical & Easy in Home Food Acquisition, Growth, & Preparation

CLASS 9: Modernity: Preventable Illness and Specific Issues

CLASS 10: Building Your Own Enlightened Whole Person Health Plan




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